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Posts for year 2014 (old posts, page 1)

Tips and Tricks - 2

Well, it's been a while since I posted the first Tips and Tricks article. Most of the following stuff was gathering dust (of the digital kind) ;-), waiting to be formalized into a post. So, I finally took pity of it and came up with this post.

1. Handling zombie processes

To reap (can't kill a zombie) a stubborn zombie process, you can do either of the following:

  • Using kill, send SIGCHLD (signal number 17 on Linux) to the parent of the zombie.

  • Send SIGCONT (signal number 18 on Linux) to the zombie process itself.

2. Safer output redirection in Bash

To prevent files from being overwritten by any redirection operator such as >, >& or <>, put either of the following in your ~/.bashrc:

set -o noclobber

-- or --

set -C

This can help you from accidentally overwriting files. If you decide that you do want to go ahead with the operation, you can use the >| operator instead.

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Interesting Links - January 2014



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Interesting Links - December 2013

So, while I had dropped the idea of posting Interesting Links for some reasons, heavy reader demand (read: 1 reader :P) forced me to be back with this post type. From now on, I'll try to post these monthly or bi-monthly, depending upon feasibility.

Also, a very happy new year!

So here's my first post for 2014.

Linux / FOSS:

  • Multiprocess feature coming to Firefox soon.

  • ownCloud 6 brings collaborative ODF editing along with other new features.

  • WordPress 3.8 was released, and it brought with itself a great new design for the dashboard, better support for different device types, a new default theme and much more.

  • A new point release of Debian 7, i.e., 7.3, was made available.

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