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Arch Linux cronjobs repository


Since a few days ago, Arch Linux package maintainers have started replacing cron jobs shipped with several packages in favour of systemd timers. While this is fine for those who use systemd, it is not so fine for those of us using alternatives such as OpenRC, minirc, etc.

So, I decided to create a repository containing cron jobs for programs running on Arch Linux systems:

The present set of files has been retrieved from the Arch Linux svntogit repository. The same can be used to find the cron jobs which are not present in my repository, and have been removed from their respective packages as well.


I would request any Arch Linux users not using systemd (or not preferring systemd timers) and using any cron implementation to help populate this repository with cron jobs that have been removed from their respective packages. Of course, if you want cron jobs for packages which didn't have one in the first place, you are free to provide patches so that they can be included in this repository as well.

Please keep in mind that these cron jobs are only meant to be used with Arch Linux systems because of differences in paths as compared to other distributions.


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