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Interesting Links - August 2013

Linux / FOSS:

  • Elementary OS "Luna" was released earlier this month. Elementary OS is an aesthetically pleasing derivative of Ubuntu, with a focus on a uniform look and feel. Seems Linux Mint has got competition ;)

  • Debian celebrated its 20th birthday.

  • An excellent interview with Ubuntu Founder — Mark Shuttleworth, which offers an insight into the motivation behind funding Ubuntu, and his vision for the future.

  • Vim 7.4 was released. It is the first stable version of Vim to come out in 3 years, after Vim 7.3 was released in 2010.


  • Lavabit — a popular email service among privacy advocates — was shut down by its founder Ladar Levison, in retaliation to unjust interferance by the USA government.

  • In case you haven't heard about this already — those who don't have a Facebook profile, might still have one!! This article explains, how Facebook creates shadow profiles of the people who don't have a Facebook account. The *best* part is that you cannot do anything about it...

Cool Stuff:

  • Bootstrap v3 was released, and it is a big change from the v2 series.

  • Have trouble customizing your Bash prompt, i.e., PS1? You can use this service to generate cool prompts.

  • You have probably heard about "Let me Google that for you" <>. You can see in realtime, the text people are entering there, using live.lmgtfy.

  • GitHub has started generating Identicons for anyone without a profile picture.


  • A really impressive article detailing how to hack your hard drive, and how the hack even survives an OS reinstall. The guy even manages to install Linux on the hard drive ;)

  • An interview with Slashdot creator Rob Malda, which — among other things — details the early years of Slashdot.