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Interesting Links - December 2013

So, while I had dropped the idea of posting Interesting Links for some reasons, heavy reader demand (read: 1 reader :P) forced me to be back with this post type. From now on, I'll try to post these monthly or bi-monthly, depending upon feasibility.

Also, a very happy new year!

So here's my first post for 2014.

Linux / FOSS:

  • Multiprocess feature coming to Firefox soon.

  • ownCloud 6 brings collaborative ODF editing along with other new features.

  • WordPress 3.8 was released, and it brought with itself a great new design for the dashboard, better support for different device types, a new default theme and much more.

  • A new point release of Debian 7, i.e., 7.3, was made available.

  • The first beta of Valve's SteamOS was released and it is based on Debian GNU/Linux! Ars Technica posted an installation guide (sort of).

  • A major update to Piwik was released in the form of Piwik 2.0. It features a brand new theme, a marketplace for plugins and themes, and the usual bugfixes.

  • The KDE and the Xfce variants of Linux Mint 16 were released.

  • 2013 marked the end of the bzip2 variant of the Linux kernel archive provided by


Cool Stuff: