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Interesting Links - May 2013, Batch 1

Taking an inspiration from Allan McRae, I have decided to come up with an Interesting Links type post myself. I will probably make such posts more than once a month, depending on how many interesting links I find.

Se let's begin with some Linux stuff:

  • Debian 7.0 A.K.A. Wheezy was released earlier this week. I wonder when my VPS provider will provide updated images...

  • hut of ranger fame has come up with a systemd killer named minirc. Well, not exactly a killer, but it seems to be a great choice for the minimalists. Yes mirror, I am talking to you.

  • The first release candidate for Tails is out.

  • phpMyAdmin 4.0.0 has been released, and it comes with a JavaScript UI!

  • Jekyll 1.0 released. It's a major release of Jekyll after a long time. But, I am sticking with Nikola.

Fun stuff:

  • FEZ is finally available on Windows. Linux version to eventually follow.

  • So, you find writing commit messages taxing? Fear not, this is here to help you.

From the world of security:

  • If you think that a website is safe just because it flaunts a logo by a "reputed" security vendor, think again.

And, finally: