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Interesting Links - May 2013, Batch 2

Here's the second batch of Interesting Links for the month of May.

Things concerning Linux:

  • Tails 0.18 released with more persistence related additions.

  • Debian GNU/Hurd 2013 released. Did you know that the kernel is named GNU Mach while Hurd refers to a collection of servers that run atop the Mach kernel? I used to think that Hurd was the kernel ...

  • Ubuntu planning a new package format, initially for the Ubuntu Phone and Tablet.

  • Tired of long freeze periods for Debian? Who isn't? Well, these guys have a proposal to fix that.

  • Here's why I feel that systemd is overkill.

Internet and Browsers:

  • Firefox 21 released with more useless additions to Do Not Track (DNT). An interesting addition is the Firefox Health Report feature. Hopefully, it won't have a negative effect on Firefox's performance because of the constant collection of data.

  • Talking of Firefox, here's a list of all the "About protocol links" with their explanations.

  • Yet another Firefox news: Ubuntu is planning to replace Firefox with Chromium. With Ubuntu on a massive replacing spree, I wonder if they plan to replace Mark Shuttleworth :P

  • Demonoids's spiritual successor springs up out of the blue, in the form of It goes down the same day, but gets back up the next day. Question is, will it stay?

  • Want to dig deeper into the technicalities of BitTorrent? Here's a very informative wiki article about the subject.

  • Move over BitTorrent, now you can encode and share data using a video.

  • Google Code is removing the "Downloads" feature citing misuse. What will happen to pentadactyl?!!

  • An insightful article by the EFF concerning the deprecation of Google Chat in favour of the walled garden known as Hangouts.

  • PyPI (The Python Package Index) starts using a CDN. Finally, you will be able to download packages faster!

Fun stuff:

  • A song in hebrew and —wait for it— Perl. Finally a good use of Perl :P

  • A cool way to try out different colour schemes.