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Mozilla, get rid of spaces from Firefox installers

Today I chanced upon an old bug report for Firefox, that I had reported about a year back.

Well, it's more of a "Feature Request" than a "Bug Report".

Anyway, here's the bug report in question:

So, what's the issue?

The *issue* at hand is that the Firefox installers for Windows and OS X have spaces in the filenames. I absolutely despise filenames with spaces, perhaps only after coming to the world of Linux. Any sysadmin would admit that filenames with spaces are an absolute pain to work with. One mistake, and poof, there goes your important file. Sure, there is shell quoting to work around that, but still it is a very unpleasant experience working with such files.

Also, I personally feel that filenames which don't contain spaces and instead use underscores, hyphens, or dots look much neater and are easier to work with.

Since the Firefox installer for Linux uses a hyphen instead of a space in the filename, why a similar naming convention is not applied for the Windows and OS X installers is beyond me.

What should be done?

I already mentioned in the bug report that most (I am looking at you TrueCrypt) software installers for Windows — that I have seen — don't contain any spaces in their filenames (probably because they are hosted on *nix servers). So, it only seems logical that Firefox uses sane naming conventions too.

Anyway, hoping that someone would take heed of this, I opened the bug report. But sadly, it seems that the Firefox devs have more important things to do, such as working on the Social API, and such petty issues don't interest them. There have been 8 Firefox releases in the meanwhile, but the bug report is biting dust.

Perhaps, I am the only one bothered by such a non-issue and I should do something more useful with my life, but I will keep hoping that one day this will be fixed. :P